HOW TO SHOP at Tzarina

- Please do not worry about sizing as after you make a purchase we will contact you within minutes to double check your measurements in order to deliver the product you will adore and to ask if you may have special requests 

- Please be free to use our WhatsApp hotline +7 981 931-20-58, which will connect you to one of our sales reps at any time of the day or night depending on where you are 

-Please note : packaging may vary from country to country and depend on our knowledge of your customs . Sometimes we send the jackets packaged as simple as possible so they will not get stuck anywhere by attracting attention . Sometimes we may hand deliver the parcel to you in a Bentley. Despite of such difference : the product itself will always be immaculate  but if you brush it and leave it hanging for a day or two ,it will take its original shape after travel , fluff out and remain gorgeous